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In our days to memorial plates on the house wall remind us of Morenos affection there. For the upcoming use there are follwing ideas existing:

Museum: Life and Work of Moreno, as a special balance point: His years in Austria, Psychodrama, Psychotherapy, Sociometry, Moreno Levy as expressionistic man of letters, publisher of special journals and improvisation theatre.

Archive and Place of Research:
Library, abatement and research material, combination of previous researches about Moreno, Hisory of Psychotherapy

Education: Further education

Culture/Tourism: Conferences, congresses, workshops, visits to the Museum

Plattform for Information: Psychodrama for interested people- national and international

A place to memorize and to meet!

O öffne Dich,
Dem der dich schuf.

Köstliche Gaben
Bringe ich dir.

Feurige Kräuter,
Traumdunkles Grün,
Mondweiße Stämme
im Wald.

Auf Deinem Hügel
Steinernes Haus,
Reiser und Hecken
Voll Most.

Aus: Testament
des Vaters,
J.L.Moreno, 1922

S. 106/107

J. L. Morenos Wirken in Bad Vöslau
Eröffnung einer Erinnerungsvitrine im Stadtmuseum Bad Vöslau
Samstag, 11. Mai 2013, 15.00
Stadtmuseum Bad Vöslau. Bericht ...



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