Sept. 26-29, 2013, Bad Vöslau, Austria
An International Co-Creation to Keep Moreno's Spirit Alive!
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Moreno’s son visits the first domain of his father
Bad Vöslau - Prof. Jonathan Moreno was happy and affected, when he visited Bad Vöslau in July. They showed him a picture of the time, when his father practiced medicine in Bad Vöslau.
Prof. Moreno, who teaches Philosophy at the University in Philadelphia, was touched by the fact, that nobody in Bad Vöslau forgot about his father, even if only a small amount of the people living in Bad Vöslau, have personal memories of the doctor, everybody and especially the children, loved. He came to Bad Vöslau in 1918 and stayed there until 1925. He died in 1974. One of his patients, Gertrude Selb remembers that Moreno formed a Improvisation Theatre Group and there were rumours existing, that he publisht a journal called “ The new Daimon” together with Peter Altenberg and Franz Werfel. She also can remember his house and ordination. But also the official Austria has never forgot about Moreno. In 1969 he received the golden doctorate of the University of Vienna for his duties and soon there will be a Museum in his old house.
Waltraut Leitner, aus: Badner Zeitung, 19.Juli 1984, S.10

> 2004 BADENER ZEITUNG March 4th
Moreno Revival in Bad Vöslau?
Since a long time there are speculations about a Moreno Museum in Bad Vöslau. Now the Federation of European Psychodrama Training Organisations thought about this idea. Maybe they will be a congress in Bad Vöslau in 2005. Dr. Michael Wieser from the University in Klagenfurt states: “ Yes, we think of having a congress in Bad Vöslau, a perfect place for this would be the Kursalon. I want to setup a Museum in Morenos House in Maital. Also there are ideas of name a street after Moreno. Bad Vöslau seems to be interested in founding a Museum. Moreno came to Bad Vöslau in 1918. He spent some time in Vienna, were he – among other things - founded a Theatre-Group for laities and professional actors (one of them Hollywood Actor Peter Lorre)


O öffne Dich,
Dem der dich schuf.

Köstliche Gaben
Bringe ich dir.

Feurige Kräuter,
Traumdunkles Grün,
Mondweiße Stämme
im Wald.

Auf Deinem Hügel
Steinernes Haus,
Reiser und Hecken
Voll Most.

Aus: Testament
des Vaters,
J.L.Moreno, 1922

S. 106/107

J. L. Morenos Wirken in Bad Vöslau
Eröffnung einer Erinnerungsvitrine im Stadtmuseum Bad Vöslau
Samstag, 11. Mai 2013, 15.00
Stadtmuseum Bad Vöslau. Bericht ...



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